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Why is Lokcom a good smartlock for a company?

Seeing that the festive season is already here, everyone decides to go on holidays to see the family or just spend some time alone in some country enjoying the weather and not thinking about keeping papers and goods secure in the workplace. One of the first most crucial things to consider when opening a workspace or workplace is how to properly secure the space, make it safe and safeguard all the office’s important documents and goods. Having an office means having a moderate to high-level traffic of people who have different access to different office levels as well as new visitors who need to be monitored or escorted to an area. It makes the office’s security needs a dynamic one. Modern locks and keys are easy to install but come with a lot of business accountability. Keys may be lost or stolen; it is easy to break even fobs, key cards and electronic locks. Lokcom is the best smartlock for a company.

Security at the office

As a business that protects every square inch of space; the use of non-traditional secure locks such as smart locks and door readers can help the issue, and it is also easier for managers to maintain and monitor. They can provide employees with better work experience, which means that they have easier and faster access to the office and valuable data for use. Smart locks are more cost-effective to buy and operate more quickly.

Lokcom, for example, attachs door locks and intercom phone to the internet and enables you to open doors and gates remotely with your smartphone, tablet and PC or just a phone call. It has a basic plug & play solution that makes this easy to use. Most people associate with traditional locks because they were designed as the most basic form of safety and security. As the name suggests, smart locks from Lokcom are kind of wireless in the manner that they have a simple plug & play solution and there is no need to break down any walls to run cables. The communication between the smart locks and the mobile phone takes place through 3G via the cloud on a secured M2M network. It does not rely on open networks such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC, which can easily be hacked or manipulated.

Lokcom gives you a clear understanding of who has accessed the property, its duration and time. This helps you to watch the busy hours and you are familiar with the people who have access. A lingering problem with most wireless smart locks is that they do not allow centralised management and with many employees and daily guests, managers and administrators must be able to easily grant and revoke accesses to keep their facilities safe and healthy. Because Lokcom runs on the internet, it also helps you to grant and revoke accesses as needed, it even has the incentive to indicate a time when your visitor will access the estate.

Lokcom is a great addition to your office space as it enables you to access and manage assets from anywhere in the world and track your company office’s security. Remember that the system sends a warning for each person that accesses the assets, and it is always on and tracking all actions so there is no need to stress on that front.

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