Smart Way to Unlock a Door...


Simplify Guest Management

Lokcom technology allows hotel managers and owners to control access to the property and monitor all the activities in one dashboard. Issue digital keys to the guests and hotel staff for all the doors: front doors, rooms, gates, parking garages and more.

Full Control

Manage & schedule access to any door from one dashboard


Compatible with your current door readers and hardware. No need to change the locks or throw away the keys


Lokcom’s system is not reliant on open systems such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC which can be interfered with.

Access Reporting

View real-time activities and a detailed log of who accessed the property, for how long and when.


Connect Lokcom to exterior entry doors, interior doors, garage entry and gates, and other common door areas

Automated Guest Management

Lokcom is fully integrated with your booking system. Guests will receive access to the room for the period of their stay.

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    Enhance Guest Experience

    Offer check-in in advance. Guests will already have the key to their room even before they arrive. They won’t lock themselves out, lose the key to the room or have their room card demagnetised.

    Reduced operational costs

    With Lokcom’s self-check-in solution, you do not need 27/4 reception and for that matter, any reception. Your guests will be able to open doors on their own, whether it is an exterior door, garage gate or interior door. Besides, Lokcom is compatible with your current door readers and hardware, meaning that you do not need a big upfront investment to change the locks or throw away the keys.

    Simplify Management

    The Lokcom system is fully integrated with your booking system, which means that digital keys will be automatically generated for your guests for the period of their stay, while your staff members will have access to the doors at the times that you schedule, including for specific hours or days (e.g. cleaning M-S, 09-13).

    Looking to upgrade your system?

    Lokcom is easy to integrate with your existing booking system, door readers and hardware if you already have a system installed.