Smart Way to Unlock a Door...

Lokcom Kit

Lokcom Home Kit for Keyless Access

£ 79,00 

  • Upgrade your Intercom for a keyless access
  • Connect up to 2 doors
  • Compatible with V12 electric locks
  • No need of internet access on premises
  • Sim Card is included in the kit

Worldwide Delivery

1-year Warranty

30-day Return Policy

Support in English and Spanish

Unlock a Door without a Key

With a Click

To open a door simply click “Open” in the Lokcom Web-App for Smartphones or in the Control Panel for Desktop. You do not have to stand in front of it. You can be anywhere in the world.

With a Phone Call

Dial the given phone number to open the door. It works only for the phone numbers you authorised. No mobile data required.

With a Code

Lokcom can be installed with a numeric keypad. This allows opening a door with a code. No devices needed. Ideal for holiday rentals.

Upgrade Your Intercom for Secure Keyless Access

Step 1: Install Lokcom Router

Fix the Lokcom router to the wall. The Lokcom solution is a flexible system and can be fixed anywhere close to the door or the intercom phone set.

Step 2: Connect it to the lock

Connect the router to the intercom phone and/or electric door lock with a cable. Close the router and switch it on. 

Step 3: Manage and Control Properties from the cloud

Login into Lokcom’s access management cloud on your PC or download the Lokcom mobile application for Android or iOS. Issue digital keys or open doors with a click, keep a record and monitor in real time the activities related to the property.  

Click Here to Download the Installation Guide

The kit includes a router Lokcom Network, a power supply 12V– 2A, one coaxial reception antenna and a Sim Card. 

Share Digital Keys with People You Trust 

Complete Smart In-Home Access with a Lock of Your Choice

Lokcom is compatible with any 12 volt electronic lock regardless their type: Magnetic Locks, Electric Bolt Locks, Electronic Keypad Locks, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Locks, Bluetooth Electronic Locks, Smart Locks etc.

If you have a regular mechanical lock, an electric door strike needs to be installed. No modification to the lock is required. You can keep on using the same key.


Home Kit

Examples of Compatible Locks

Our Compatibility-Check

Want to know if Lokcom is compatible with your intercom or electric lock? You do not have an electric lock? Simply send us the pictures of your intercom, lock and door frame. And we will let you know what solution is best for you!

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    Why People choose Lokcom? 

    Easy to Install

    You can easily install Lokcom one yourself, without an electrician. Just connect it to the intercom in your apartment.

    User-Friendly Control Panel

    You can manage and control access from any device: smartphone, tablet or desktop. We are cloud-based.

    Highly Secure

    Unlike other systems, Lockom not reliant on open and discoverable networks such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC, all of which can be interfered with.

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