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How to ease self-checking while renting a house with the new normality?

The year of dramatic changes, influencing all the aspects of life, could not miss the sphere of house rental business. With the new reality, the simple procedure of checking-in may be hazardous. The necessity to meet all the visitors personally and pass over the key might be a real hassle. And if the rental house is not close to the place where the host residents are, there is also a need to commute every time new visitors come to rent a property.
Not only this process is time-consuming and tiring but it can also be difficult to be in place as soon as the guests are ready to check-in. The situation gets even worse when your guests are late and arriving outside normal hours.  

With the Lockom system, you will have the opportunity not to deal with physical keys anymore. But anyway the door can still be opened with a traditional key as well, but you may keep it by you without any need to pass it over to anybody who aims to visit your property. 

Fortunately, while using the smart lock system, the entry may be opened or closed from any distance, and any place in the world. That eliminates the necessity to travel to the rentee house for a check-in procedure. The digital keys, issued by the platform, may be transferred to any person via the Lockcom application.  It is especially convenient for travellers who have strict planning time frames. That simplifies the check-in procedure for hosts and rentals as well as for the guests.

Using Lokcom is full of advantages

The Lokcom system gives an advantage that was underestimated before the pandemic disaster –  hygienic safety. No personal contact between rentee or personnel, constant keys handover, and the viruses accommodating on the keys as a sequence of multiple hands touch. For a manager or a host, there is no need to make an additional journey and increase the possibility of infections spread. 

The host can grant access for a successful check-in remotely, issue a digital key that will be valid only for the booking period or the time for personnel to perform the working task. If there are a lot of properties or short-term stays, the Lockom system can generate access automatically to save your time and avoid human error.  The full-time monitoring system gives a detailed log of every stay and its duration. 

The Lockcom smart lock is compatible with any other electrical lock, and has a simple plug and play installation procedure so that every person can easily install it.  No additional devices are needed, as the Lockom system provides centralized control over all the entries of a property house.  

Want to know more about Lokcom ?

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