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How can Lokcom helps you to secure your offices in times of pandemic?

The health crisis has considerably transformed our lives, both our daily lifestyle and the way we work. Companies must now adapt their working methods to health restrictions and regulations. So how can Lokcom help you to secure your offices in times of pandemic?

Offices, once a place of contact and professional fulfillment, have now often become synonymous with clusters and contact cases, which tends to weaken the company. A climate of fear of the other has tended to set in, as it is unfortunately not always easy to know who is in contact with the virus.

The Lokcom solution

In order to guarantee the safety of your employees and avoid a possible spread of the virus in your offices, Lokcom has the solution. The smart-lock system created by Lokcom offers you to get rid of your office keys in favor of a computerized system that gives you centralized overall control over all the locks in the office.

Automating the opening of your doors will ensure less risk of propagation in your offices. Indeed, opening to every employee who does not have keys encourages contact between them and therefore risks accelerating a possible spread of the virus.

With Lokcom’s technology, each employee can open the doors of your offices by himself, with the possibility of setting different access levels for each employee. You can change the Lokcom settings as you wish, from anywhere in the world thanks to a browser-based Lokcom platform, the only thing you will need is an electronic device.

The functioning of Lokcom is very simple. The system connects door locks and intercom phone to the internet in a secure way. So you can open the door from your phone, tablet or PC or by phone call.

The smart-lock will make your offices safer in times of pandemic since there will be no need to pass a key from hand to hand, or to open to different employees.

The installation of the smart lock is simple and fast, there is no need to break walls or run any additional cables as a simple plug and play installation allows you to set the lock easily and fast.

Want to know more about Lokcom ?

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