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Keeping your Airbnb safe during COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) affects many in our community, either personally or because of disruptions to their hosting or travel plans. And while many travellers choose to stay at home during this uncertain time, some are still considering local stays and future travel so here are some points that can help keep your Airbnb safe.


First of all, you would need to be aware of the new legislation that the government has enacted in conjunction with the pandemic, and then adopt a more flexible cancellation policy. Understandably, many of our guests are unsure about booking future travel. If you presently have a strict cancellation policy in place, try swapping to a flexible or moderate one (you can always go back to your strict cancellation policy as required). Knowing that they have more flexibility to cancel may give guests the confidence to move forward with a new reservation.

Offer self check-in services. Many guests might prefer to check in rather than meet in person. If you can, consider installing a key lockbox or a smart lock. Remember to refresh your page and include your self-check-in.

Finally, check your cleaning routine. Guests may want extra info about the cleanliness of your space. You may consider sharing the types of cleaning products you use, how often you clean the space, the type of cleaning products you have available to your guests, and other details. It is recommended that all hosts review these cleaning tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC). This helps keep your guests’ concerns at ease.


Airbnb hosts and property managers can grant and revoke digital keys to the properties for a smooth check-in process for the guests. Lokcom is an access management tool that solves the headache of late check-ins, overstays and disrupts unauthorised access chains. It also allows you to control access and monitor activities from a PC, tablet or cell phone. It has a simple plug and play solution which makes it affordable and there is no need to change much or break walls to run wires, it is all easy to use. With this, you can have a smoother self-check in experience and reduce contact with the doors in order to reduce spread of viruses or germs.


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