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Co-working Spaces & Offices

Facilitate Access to the Workplace

Today’s working environment is no longer just Monday to Friday or 9 to 5. Therefore, offices and co-working spaces need to offer easy access to premises at any given time.

Lokcom’s corporate access control systems allows 24/7 access into the workplace. Additionally, Lokcom ensures the security of an office by minimising the chance of lost keys or key cards and by facilitating constant monitoring of entry into the building.

Connect any lock type

Receive alerts of any unauthorised entry and loss of electricity

Control multiple facilities from one dashboard

Add or revoke access remotely

Unlock door with phone

View real-time access history reports for all your doors

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    Control Access to Each Door

    Manage exterior entry doors, interior doors, garage entry and gates, and other common door areas all on the same system. Remotely provide convenient and flexible entry to your employees and maintenance staff. Their access can be limited to certain doors, days or hours.

    Upgrade your system

    Lokcom is easy to integrate with your existing door readers and hardware if you already have a system installed that you are looking to upgrade.

    Access Control System for Doors – Lokcom

    Manage one property or hundreds from the cloud-based door entry management platform by Lokcom.

    View Reporting

    Lokcom gives a clear understanding of who accessed or tried to access the property, for how long and at what time. Benefits of our analytics are clear. Know how many people visit your space and the average time of the visit. Track busiest hours and sell additional access at times when the place is almost empty.

    Maximise security

    Our system is always on. The control panel monitors the door 24/7 and alerts you whenever it has been opened. Moreover, Lokcom’s system is not reliant on open systems such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC which can be interfered with.

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