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Lokcom, a great solution for the elderly

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means we need social distance and self-isolate, but how do we safeguard our elderly loved ones? Even if you’re not near; you can keep them safe. Smart home technology is starting to take precedence in the world now, maybe it’s a bit expensive, but it ensures security and reduces some form of contact. The most ideal way to get started is with a smart lock, one that allows all-round control and is very convenient We’ll discuss some reasons why Lokcom is a great solution for the elderly.


  1. Flexibility: Lokcom allows you to see who has been in, out as well as who has had access into the property. Some research shows that one in three adults over 65 will develop dementia or other health issues and there are concerns about safety and security in the home like forgetting where the keys are. This makes Lokcom a good solution because you can grant and revoke access.
  2. Cost-effective: Lokcom smart locks have a simple plug and play. This makes the installation faster and it’s cheaper in the sense that you don’t have to smash any walls or run wires to install it. It’s compatible with any V12 lock, too.
  3. Ease of access: Lokcom allows you to access your property from anywhere in the world on devices such as a smartphone, PC, tablet or even a phone call and you don’t need to be standing in front of the door to open it. This is particularly useful for doctors’ home care services or home visits and, particularly importantly, it improves safety.

With Lokcom, having a physical key to administer to those needing emerging treatment will no longer be an issue. That’s why Lokcom offers support solutions for Tele-Assistance via our monitored app, so that you can open any door remotely and have full access control from any smartphone or computer. Replacing the keys with our smart lock app is the simplest and safest way to reach the home and support older people who don’t have the resources to do it alone, Lokcom software also offers a platform for elderly family members to enter and leave. And so we agree that Lokcom is a good smart lock for the elderly.

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