Smart Way to Unlock a Door...

Multi-family Homes

Access Control for Multi-Family Homes

Lokcom tackles the challenges of managing multi-family or time-share properties. Easy to use browser-based solution allows you to manage and control all properties, even in multiple locations from anywhere in the world. No hassle with handing over the key.

Schedule Access

Issue digital keys for certain hours, days or periods. Guests are ready to check in when they arrive. 

All-in-one place

Control all your properties from a browser-based dashboard regardless of where you are.

Easy-to-scale system

Add new properties or doors when your business grows.

Unlock door with phone

The door can be opened with an app, regardless of if you are standing in front of it or not.


Real-time monitoring of ongoing activities. Be sure. Improve security


Lokcom is compatible with door readers and hardware for exterior entry doors, interior doors, garage entry or gates.

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    Improve Property Management

    Time-sharing made easy. Detailed log of who accessed the property, for how long and when is always available to you. No more discrepancies with your analytics.

    Work Efficiently

    Lokcom solves the headache of key distribution. Now your employees as well as guests can access property with our browser-based solution. Changing locks and copying keys becomes completely redundant. Simple interface makes it intuitive and removes the need for on-site dedicated facilities. Save money and keep maintenance cost on the lower end.

    Improve Control & Security

    Years of different tenants and passing keys or codes from hand to hand may lead to decreased security. With Lokcom, keys or codes won’t get into the wrong hands. Digital keys can’t be passed on to others. Only authorised users can download the app. Unlike other smart locks and home automation systems, Lokcom operates on a closed network that cannot be interfered with.

    No Big Upfront investment

    Unlike other brands, Lokcom does not require a new electronic, smart lock or carpenter. It saves time and money right from the get-go. It can be installed by anyone by the simple plug&play solution. Our call support will walk you through every step necessary.

    Looking to upgrade your system?

    Lokcom is easy to integrate with your existing booking system, door readers and hardware if you already have a system installed.