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How to offer 24/7 access to a coworking space

The market for coworking spaces is growing as individuals are starting to do business on their own and there is a lot of freelancing going on. The first component to consider whilst commencing a coworking space is right protection, mainly if sensitive documents and structures are to be saved in the building and if a safe and secure working environment is to be developed.
With a continuous influx of people with various ranges of access and new guests to be monitored and escorted to a specific location; this makes security more complicated than an ordinary organisation. We’ll compare two levels of protection options; traditional locks and smart locks and tell you why the better one is a smart lock.


Traditional Locks

This is the first and most convenient way to safeguard items and buildings. It offers some advantages and disadvantages; some of the advantages are low cost which makes them an inexpensive option, there is no need for an electrical or internet connection and this gives people the feeling of complete power. There are some things to keep in mind when selecting a conventional lock and lately burglars are becoming smarter and picking or breaking into homes and offices with locks like these has become simpler. But several coworking operators say that it is very time-consuming to turn over physical keys; this means that new keys need to be issued and old keys have to be returned.  The problem becomes much worse when multiple assets are run by one provider. And do not forget: It is very easy to duplicate conventional keys. As a result, it is appropriate to redesign the entire locking system.

Smart locks

Every company needs to protect every square inch of space; the use of non-traditional safe locks such as smart locks and door readers can improve the real problem, and managers can also have simpler maintenance and monitoring. They will have improved work experience for workers which means they have easier and quicker access to the office and use useful data. Smart locks are more cost-effective to buy and operate quickly.

Lokcom for instance is a smart lock that connects your phone and intercom to the internet and enables you to open doors and gates remotely with your smartphone, tablet and PC or just a phone call from anywhere in the world and it allows you to track your office’s security. It is also easier to use because it has a plug and play solution, and this means that you do not need to breakdown any walls or run any cables.

Communication between the smart locks and the mobile phone takes place via 3G over a secured M2M network via the cloud. It does not rely on open networks like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC which can be hacked or exploited easily. Lokcom provides you with a clear understanding of who accessed the property, its length and time. This lets you watch the busy hours and you know the people who have access. Since Lokcom runs on the internet, it also lets you grant and cancel accesses as required, it also has the ability to indicate when your visitor will be able to access the building and this makes Lokcom the suitable smart lock for a coworking space.

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