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Why is Lokcom a good smart lock for elderly?

Becoming old is one of those things we can’t avoid at all. Some research shows that ono in three adults over 65 will develop dementia or other health issues and there are concerns about safety and security in the home. There are some important factors to consider when trying to change a lock like extra protection can be needed, particularly when things we take for granted such as hearing and strength diminish. The ease of use is also a concern for those who may be dealing with traditional keyed door locks. But most of all, you can wonder which smart lock devices can be a good smart lock for the elderly.

Keys can be lost or missed, and even if one remembers their keys, they may not always remember to lock the door. Senior security may also lie on the other end of the spectrum, where the goal is to keep them safe if they suffer from dementia by keeping them inside when they are supposed to be home. Some study has shown that over 90% of adults over 50 have a desktop or
laptop and over 70% have a smartphone. In other words, innovation has begun to cater to this older demographic, providing more possibilities for security inclusion.Lokcom smart locks can provide personalised access in the sense that any licensed individuals who may need access to the home and its occupants can be issued with unique access codes. These may be repair personnel, such as plumbers or electricians, or in case of a medical emergency they may be health care professionals approved to enter. Lokcom smart locks can allow adults to track the activity of their elder. The lock itself can be viewed as a kind of “sensor”; that offers information about what’s going on inside a household–who got access and when. Family members and relatives have a significant role to play in doing this work.

With Lokcom, it will no longer be a problem to have to have a physical key to administer to those who need emerging treatment. That’s why Lokcom offers Tele-Assistance support solutions via our monitored app, so you can open any door remotely and have full access control from any smartphone or computer.
Replacing the keys with our Movil app is the easiest and safest way to access the home and help older people who don’t have the capacity to do something on their own, Lokcom software also provides a platform for the entry and exit family member of elderly people. And that’s why we believe Lokcom is a good smart lock for elderly people.

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