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The dangers of smartlocks

Living in a world where technology changes everyday, it is important to move with the changes so as to keep yourself and your family safe. Smart locks have become the new wave when it comes to home / office security; they ensure safety and gives you control over your properties. The safety of traditional locks is beginning to reduce due to the way that they can be easily picked giving access to anyone who may not possess a key to the lock. Smart locks are secure, and they are a good investment; however, they are not exactly flawless either. Here are the dangers of smartlocks.

As technology is getting smarter, thieves are getting smarter as well. Smartlocks that connects to a resident’s phone only work if they remember to take the phone with them, and if the battery dies or the device is stolen, the chances of getting back into the building reduces drastically. This explains why it is important to get a smart lock that connects not just only to a mobile phone but also to other devices like a computer, tablet, etc. or one where you could unlock the door with a phone call.

Another flaw that is associated with smart locks is the hacking. The biggest security weakness in smart locks is going to be passwords that you choose. Most smart locks have a feature where you can have multiple passwords that can be used to give people access and also revoke access. If you use the same password that is used for your personal accounts like facebook, twitter, etc. for your smart locks, then there is a high guarantee that you can be hacked which means that your safety and
privacy is in jeopardy.

Not only can several smart locks be compromised but other flaws, such as the ability to be disabled with a flathead screwdriver, are also proven. Since smart locks also operate with an existing deadbolt, this may mean that they have the same security level as conventional locks. Before installation certain smart locks require the deadbolt to have certain specifications.

Lokcom networks provide a safe and secure plug and play system that is compatible with some traditional locks. It gives you access to your door from a phone, tablet, PC or even a phone call. You can also add the phone numbers of the people that you want to let in; this helps with jumbling up passwords and codes. Lokcom monitors the doors 24/7 and tells you when it is opened. You’ll be given the full history log of who entered and how long stayed inside. Lokcom provides an all round
safety and protection.

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