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Holiday rental must haves

The holiday rental ecosystem is flourishing. It’s not just the Airbnb that’s growing but the entire home-sharing industry. Just as the businesses in the holiday rental ecosystem are keeping up with the changes, so should the community. Short-term rental hosts should know about the tools, software, and services that are being designed for and fitted to their needs in this area.
If you’ve been renting an apartment on Airbnb or listed one, you know that the some elements are now holiday rental must haves.

There are many ways to deliver a great guest experience as an Airbnb host, but some are easier than others. Sometimes, having the right item in your Airbnb listing can make all the difference. Besides the obvious items to stock, here is a list of other items that hosts tend to forget.  And guests won’t notice if you have them, until they need them. And they’ll appreciate it.

Safety First

Many of the other essential items are essential for a great guest experience but these first few items are MUST for guest safety.  If you do not have ALL of these items in your listing, you’re putting your guests and your Airbnb operation at risk.

  • Simple Smoke Alarm
  • Fire Extinguisher (At least 1)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Non Slip Bathtub Mat to Prevent Falls

Netflix, HBO or Amazon

There is NO excuse if you’re subjecting your guests to watching the local news channels during their stay with you.  If weather or plan changes force a guest to spend some extra time in your listing, give them the option to relax and catch up on your Netflix or Amazon Prime shows.

A Working HDTV

Unless part of your listing’s appeal is an escape from the modern world, all guests expect there to be a TV from this century in your listing.  But you don’t need to have anything fancy.  You just need one that works and can access Netflix.

The Right WIFI Router

It’s safe to assume your guests will be using your WIFI access.  But what’s the point of having high speed internet if your router is a bottleneck?  As demand for bandwidth continues to rise due to higher consumption of video content and the use of multiple devices, you’ll need the right router for to meet these demands.

Coffee or tea

Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, chances are excellent that many of your guests will be.  A good cup of coffee or tea can go a long way to starting the days off right for a travel weary guest.

And you don’t need fancy $1000 expresso machines to do that.   Some choice roasted beans you can order in bulk along with some tried and true coffee tools will satisfy most your guests.

Phone Charging Cables & Digital Clock

Besides having the bed essentials to deliver a great sleep experience, there are two simple items that guests will appreciate: extra phone charger cables and a digital alarm clock. Guests forget to bring their phone chargers all the time.  What is a cheap purchase for you could save your guests from the headaches of having to find a store and purchase overpriced charging cables.

A Lokcom lock

With Lokcom, Airbnb hosts and property managers can grant and revoke digital keys to the properties for a smooth check-in process for the guests. Lokcom is an access management tool. It solves the headache of late check-ins, overstays and disrupts unauthorised access chains. Volume pricing available. Control access and monitor activities from their PC, tablet or cell phone. No need to change the mechanical lock. The door can still be open with a key.

Lokcom simplifies guest management by enabling self-check-in. Airbnb and VRBO hosts, holiday rentals owners and managers can open doors remotely or provide a digital key to their guests for the duration of their booking. Guests are able to open the door with an app.

Want to know more about Lokcom ?

If you’d like to know more about Lokcom, please visit our website and send us a request to talk to an expert. We’d be happy to contact you and schedule a free demo for you. Don’t forget you can also reach us on social networks: FacebookTwitter and Linkedin.

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