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Pros & cons of having a smartlock

Smart locks are becoming popular and the global market is expected to hit $24 billion by 2024 with a rapidly increasing number of smart home locks. The main use of a smart lock is to lock and unlock your door without using a regular key and with so many variations available; you can even open your door using a numeric code, touchscreen, an app on your cell phone or even with a phone call.

Smart locks pose as an advantage in the sense that you have ease of entry into your house meaning that you don’t always have to fumble with keys when trying to get into your apartment, it is convenient especially when you have a baby sitter or house guests coming over; you could just give them their own code or the code you use and you have the liberty to revoke access after they are done. This saves you the hassle and cost of changing locks.

Smart locks have the benefit of showing you who has come in and out of your property and you can also see if your door is locked or unlocked thereby giving you peace of mind. Having a smart lock is that very secure will provide protection from lock picking. Traditional locks are susceptible to lock picking or methods that thieves employ to break into homes. A smart lock can help in this context; however, it does not necessarily make smart locks more secure. Another very useful benefit of a smart lock is having connectivity with all other smart home devices of you have any.

Smart locks connect with your phone, usually via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If your phone is stolen, you lose it or it dies. If you don’t have a backup plan like logging into your account on another computer, you could get locked out. While some smart locks remove the threat of lock picking, hackers may attempt to override the entry code which may unlock the door. Many smart locks will cost a lot more than regular lock-and-key systems and you might need an expert to mount the lock and connect it to your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Also, smart locks can be expensive to fix if they malfunction.

In order to try avoiding these issues that come with other smart locks, it’s advisable to get a smart lock that has been able to identify these disadvantages and address them like Lokcom. Lokcom runs on a closed network unlike others that run on shared networks like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC; that isn’t susceptible to hackers. Lokcom is a cloud based platform that enables you to remotely open doors and gates with a click on your smartphone, tablet and PC or even just a phone call without you standing in
front of the door; so you do not have to worry about getting locked out. Lokcom is an external device that is compatible with most doors. This makes it very cost effective.

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