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Why will using a smart-lock improve the security of your house?

New standards of security have risen to a higher level and unfortunately, the traditional locks don’t correspond to these requirements anymore. That is why the housekeepers all over the world are conceived about installing a new smart lock to their properties. Let’s try to investigate the issue more thoroughly, of why investing in a new smart lock?

The first and the most prominent advantage of using a smartlock, especially Lokcom, is that you can use it remotely. You will never have a headache about the door you might have forgotten to lock. You can close it whenever you wish when you are not at home. And even if you forget to do it remotely, the lock has an option to close automatically in a definite time period after you leave your house.

As compared to the traditional lock keys that might be lost, stolen, or duplicated, a smart lock has an obvious advantage in keeping the keys secure. You can control your house door using digital keys that never can be shared or passed on to the wrong hands. The digital keys can be operated via our special software using any device you have by you at the moment.

Why using Lokcom instead of another smartlock?

Fortunately, with Lokcom, the old lock can be maintained, as the smart lock Lokcom is compatible with the majority of the traditional electric locks. So you combine the benefits of using both of them. The lock is compatible with any type of V12 lock, regardless of its type or installation location. That makes it possible to store all the locks on the same system and eliminates the need to buy additional receptions or workstations.  The Lokcom router can be fixed to any wall in the house and the simple plug and play system makes its installation much easier and faster. After you connect the router to the lock and login into Lokcom’s access management cloud, you can generate your digital key with just one click. 

You might be scared of hackers but the Lockom never operates in open webs like Wi-fi, Bluetooth, or NFS that can be interfered with by an intruder. A highly secure 3G “member to member” closed connection is protected from any interference from any side.
Even if you happen to lose your mobile device or you get it stolen, which dramatically enhances the chances for the thieves to get access to your key. You can use our browser-based software platform from any device that has access to the internet.

The ability to use the Lockom platform from any device gives you the opportunity to overall control over your property’s safety from any location in the world. That is especially convenient for rent houses or remote business objects. You may enable a timeframe to lock or unlock the house. You are also able to add or revoke access for the people you choose. Share your digital keys with the people you trust. The 24/7 monitoring system will give you a full history log about the time, duration of stay in the house of every visitor you have.

Want to know more about Lokcom ?

If you’d like to know more about Lokcom, please visit our website and send us a request to talk to an expert. We’d be happy to contact you and schedule a free demo for you. Don’t forget you can also reach us on social networks: FacebookTwitter and Linkedin.

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