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Renting a new property

No two properties are the same and the security needed for some properties may be more than others. There are some important questions to ask concerning the security of a property when you are renting a new property ; some of them are how easily do the doors and windows close and are they secure? Is there adequate lock on the doors? Is there adequate ways to escape during an emergency or in the case of a fire? Is there a working burglary alarm?

Here are some points on more ways that you can improve on the security of your new home.

  1. Secure the doors:
    It is important to ensure that your doors are always locked all the time. Be sure to inspect your doors and make sure that the frames are strong, and the hinges are protected to ensure that someone cannot reach through it to unlock
    the door. Better still, you could install a smart lock. Lokcom smart locks connect door locks and intercom phone to the internet in a secure and reliable manner. It allows to remotely open doors and gates with a click on your smartphone, tablet and PC or just a phone call.
  2. Light up your landscape:
    Make sure you place lights around your front and back yards, along pathways and near the garage and other outdoor structures. This makes intruders skittish since they do not like to be in the spotlight, and it helps reduce
  3. Setup a security system:
    Your new home should have some form of a security system. Luckily, there are different security options for every budget and for every level of protection. Make sure to choose a system that is comfortable and easy to use and it goes with the needs of your house.
  4. Security cameras:
    Security cameras are useful for peace of mind when you’re renting a property. Knowing that you have a good and well installed cctv camera has some way of putting your mind at rest about the safety of your family and home. Whichever way you go, it is recommended that you use a security camera system that has a mobile app, so it allows you to see footage in real time.
  5. Get a safe:
    Make sure your valuables are secured in case anyone gets by your other home security measures. A safe at home is a secure depository for everything from jewellery to important papers, such as passports. You want a fireproof, waterproof, and heavy enough safe that a thief can’t walk away with it.

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