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New Year resolutions for better home security

It is normal to feel safe and comfortable in your home and around your neighbours because it is considered a safe space so therefore it becomes easier to become complacent when it comes to security. All too often, our sense of home security makes us forget to lock the door when we’re just rushing out for a minute or stating on Instagram that we’re going off on a nice break for a week or, worse yet, telling our friends where we’re keeping the hide-a-key! As we go into 2020, we would like to suggest a list of security measures to improve your home security and keep you, your family and your home safe for the next year.

1. Get in the habit of setting the Alarm system
Ultimately, the effectiveness of an alarm system is in the user’s hands to get into the good practice of setting your alarm system and it will yield the best results.

2. Beef up your security system
Times are changing, and theft is becoming more sophisticated. In order to stay in charge, it is necessary to constantly update your security system. Consider adding security cameras to your security at home for 2020. In case of an emergency, this really helps. You should immediately put your eyes on the scene, regardless of where you are. And if nothing happens, you can check in and have peace of mind.

3. Be prepared for Emergencies
Getting prepared is always good. This New Year make a decision to keep your house ready for emergencies. Make it your goal not to be one of those last-minute supply-scrambling people. For everyone in the house, your home should have emergency food bags, first aid items, water and other supplies for survival (flashlights, etc.). Home security is intended to protect the safety of all in it. Being prepared for emergencies is an important part of it also ensure that your smart lock or home security can grant you easy passage in the sight of a natural disaster or any emergency.

4. Have better social media practices
People usually teach their kids on social media to be safe. Not to speak with strangers, share any personal information, etc. Get rid of pictures showing in detail the inside of your home or reveal valuable objects inside your house.
What’s in the background of your pictures of Christmas or back to school? Delete from your friends list of people you don't know! If you don’t know about them, they should not be on your friends list. Ultimately, instead of public,
make your notifications and pictures private. So, you’re going to reduce the chance of someone threatening your home with the information they got from social media.

5. Get your own Lokcom Smart lock!
Lokcom provides a compatible smart lock system and enables you to connect your doors and intercom phone to the internet in a secure and reliable manner.
What distinguishes us from our competitors is that our system can allow you to unlock a door from anywhere in the world – you don’t need to be standing in front of it. The Lokcom platform also gives you total control over who is given permission to unlock the door using the Lokcom app that is downloaded to the device. You can even set a timeframe for unlocking the door and monitoring who has access to your property through our built-in, constant monitoring system. It is very easy to install, it has a secure technology that is connected to the cloud through 3G, it is not reliant on an open system like WIFI or Bluetooth which can be easily interfered with. It allows you to share a digital key with people you trust to give them access to your property and revoke access as well. This would be the best addition to your smart home upgrades for 2020.

Have a safe new year!

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