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Boost your Airbnb Listing

Whether it is to make extra income or because you earn multi-properties, you must be prepared for the process of properly listing your flat on Airbnb. Indeed, creating the dream rental is not something you could do easily and this checklist will be helpful for you. 

Think ahead about what search terms may be important to your ideal guests, then include these potential search terms in your title and description. Consider any appealing keywords relevant to your city, such as major landmarks, tourist attractions, and local events. The more targeted search terms that match your listing’s information, the higher up your listing will appear in the results.

The first thing a guest will look at are the pictures from your listing. It is then always better to have a pleasant aesthetic. Also, Airbnb offers free professional photography sessions in select cities and for listings that match certain criteria. So if you’re a match – do it. It will save you time and will improve your ranking easily. 

Today no-one wants to wait for a host approval when it comes to renting a room or a flat. Reason why you should allow guests to immediately book your Airbnb without your pre-approval. It might even open up your listing to a whole new market: travelers with strict planning time frames. 

In the very same way, you should answer requests as quickly as possible. Guest inquiry response speed proves to Airbnb that you’re ready, willing, and able. The payoff for attentiveness goes far as it prevents your listings from downgrading. 

Continuing with being easy to reach and practical, you should think about welcoming your guests. It is almost always best practice to have someone personally welcome your guests when they arrive to show them the basics of the property, and provide a familiar face should there be any questions that arise. This will also give you a chance to share the house rules, local tips and attractions, and to ultimately make the guest feel like they’re visiting local friends.

Cannot welcome them? Then avoid the hassle of giving the keys or doing a late or speed checkin at all costs. Why not using a smart lock instead ? Lokcom simplifies guest management by enabling self-check-in. Airbnb and VRBO hosts, holiday rentals owners and managers can open doors remotely or provide a digital key to their guests for the duration of their booking. Guests are able to open the door with an app.

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