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How to improve your Guest Experience

Holiday rentals were created to provide guests with a worth to remember experience while away from home. To achieve this, it is very important for the hosts or the owners of multi properties to think about various ways to enhance their guests experience. 

The key to providing a better Airbnb experience for your guests as a host is to understand what the tenants need. The needs guests will vary depending on the location they are visiting, the season, the reason for their travel, and their personal preferences, of course. After all wouldn’t be the very same for you? In order to maintain a high ranking, a host should think about improving the guest experience and become unique compared to their competitors. How to do so ? 

The best experiences are the ones which offer outstanding hospitality. The Airbnb experience focuses on the interaction between guests and hosts, unlike in the case of hotels which deal with guests in a strictly business and professional manner. For example, guests might require help from their hosts with regards to transportation, sightseeing, dining, and more. This assures that friendly and helpful hosts stand out among the rest.

The entire starting campaign of Airbnb focused on providing better and different bed and breakfast options. So, while offering a daily breakfast might sound like an unnecessary cost, in reality it is an excellent opportunity to be different by upgrading the Airbnb experience of your guests. 

The problem that faces most Airbnb rental property owners is that it requires a lot of management and time. An owner has to welcome the guest, provide assistance throughout the stay, and clean the investment property after the stay. However, there are some very helpful apps which have been designed specifically to facilitate the work of Airbnb hosts. For example, Lokcom is a phone app that provides the owner with a way to unlock the door for guests without having to be at the site. It can be done from the comfort of the owner’s home. It’s a remote controlled door unlock-able through a code from the owner. 

With Lokcom, Airbnb hosts and property managers can grant and revoke digital keys to the properties for a smooth check-in process for the guests. Lokcom is an access management tool. It solves the headache of late check-ins, overstays and disrupts unauthorised access chains. Volume pricing available. Control access and monitor activities from their PC, tablet or cell phone. No need to change the mechanical lock. The door can still be open with a key.

Lokcom simplifies guest management by enabling self-check-in. Airbnb and VRBO hosts, holiday rentals owners and managers can open doors remotely or provide a digital key to their guests for the duration of their booking. Guests are able to open the door with an app.

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