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How to increase office security during COVID-19

There is a public health emergency as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in most parts of the world. The world is on hold, businesses, restaurants and even jobs are all on hold, and the economy is set to face dramatic changes in an attempt to control the effect of the pandemic. In the UK, the home office is beginning to offer restricted access to business re-opening, we will be talking about the more practical steps that will increase office security during COVID-19.

  1. Hygiene precautions : It is important to take additional steps to ensure that hygiene practices are standard in the workplace. Hand sanitising devices and antibacterial wipers should be available in all parts of the workplace. Deep cleaning with daily disinfection of common areas should be increased. High traffic touch areas, such as doors, toilets, desks and tables, will often need to be washed with antibacterial cleaners during the day and temperature checks to ensure that workers are safe and healthy.
  2. Office spacing: Attention needs to be given to the staff’s personal workspace. Allowances should be made to prevent hot-desking wherever possible, and desks should be spaced and separated securely. Remote work should be promoted, where possible, to minimize face-to – face communication. Open plan settings, one-way structures in walkways are important as well.
  3. Staff rotation: The number of employees in the workplace at any time should be held to a minimum, with others operating remotely. Teams grouped by different abilities would allow easy separation if signs of the virus are present.


Lokcom has a corporate access control system that allows 24/7 access into the workplace. Additionally, Lokcom ensures the security of an office by minimising the chance of lost keys or key cards and by facilitating constant monitoring of entry into the building.

It can connect to any lock type, shows alerts of any unauthorised entry, add or revoke access remotely, view real-time access history reports and more. All these functions make our system totally transparent and easy to use. Lokcom is easy to integrate with your existing doors and hardware if you already have a system installed and you are looking to upgrade.

Lokcom is a great addition to your office space as it enables you to access and manage assets from anywhere in the world and track your company office’s security. Remember that the system sends a warning for each person that accesses the assets, and it is always on and tracking all actions so there is no need to stress on that front.


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