Smart Way to Unlock a Door...


Why invest in a “smart” lock?

Smart locks’ popularity in recent years is steadily increase as they mix security and technology, which most users fancy. But why are “smart” lock so great, and how can Lokcom help you to adjust to this new trend ?


Extra Convenience

Smart locks eliminate the need for a physical key. Indeed, you won’t have to fumble to find the right key after or long day or have to remember to bring your keys along with you. Smart locks can be operated with a smartphone, meaning that’s all you need to bring along with you so that you can enter your home. You can even lock your house remotely! This means that you won’t have to worry about whether you’ve locked your door before leaving your house.

Easy Access For Guests

When you have guests coming to stay at your home, handling the keys can be a bit tricky depending on the hour or the location. Also, depending on who the guest is, you might not want to give them a spare key but still want them to be able to come in when you’re not there. Having a smart lock will allow you to transfer access to your guest digitally and remove it when the time comes.

So why is Lokcom a perfect solution?

Lokcom enables any lock to become a smart lock without any modification and connects it to the cloud so that you have total control of how you let people into your property – whether it be by using a key, an app, a PC or other communication methods with a mobile device.

The Lokcom system is totally versatile and compatible with any V12 electric lock. You do not have to replace the current lock and may keep the key, which is something less to think about. Lokcom can also be installed with a security keypad. However, if there is no electric strike on the door frame, then one has to be fitted in.

Our proprietary technology is not reliant on open and detectable networks such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. It operates via a closed M2M network that ensures an increased sense of security and protects users from malicious interferences.

Last but not least, installing Lokcom is easy as ABC.

Want to know more about Lokcom ?

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