Smart Way to Unlock a Door...


Is it the right time to give a spare key?

You might be isolated with a partner or a family member and there might be a need to go out for groceries or fresh air which will put you on a path to mix with other people outside your household. Shoudl they get a spare key though? Since the highly contagious new strain of coronavirus can be passed on by asymptomatic individuals, keeping germs from spreading is vital to your health and to theirs. At this time, handling a key for a conventional lock would be unwise, without proper caution.
Isn’t it the proper time to look at some ways you can keep yourself safe during this pandemic.

Get a smart lock. A smart lock is the best security system needed at this time because it reduces your contact with a physical key, and it is very easy to use since it works from a mobile phone. The Lokcom smart lock device is a great addiction especially if you are looking to transform your house into a smart home. It gives you total control of your house and you can access your lock from your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

A smarter home is a safer home. The best thing to do for most, if not all your surface areas is to clean and disinfect as often as possible. Areas like doorknobs, light switches, remote controls etc. it will also be an added bonus of the smart devices in your home are voice controlled so it reduces the contact you have with those surfaces.

It is possible that more people will be inclined to get more voice activated and other smart home solutions to enhance everyday activities inside a home and the ability to reduce interaction with shared surfaces, as well as to secure and automate home delivery, after COVID-19 is over.

Why not start with Lokcom smart locks. Lokcom provides a safe and secure network that allows you to connect your lock and intercom to the internet there by making it easier and safer to open and close your doors. There is a remote open and close feature meaning that you do not have to be in front of the door to open it; you can also open the door with a phone call, it also allows you to revoke and grant access to people using their phone numbers or a pin.  It gives you full access to see who has been in and out of your home.

In these trying times we need to try to be as safe as possible and Lokcom will help provide some safety for your front door.

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