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Why is Lokcom a must for your home or company?

Several companies are already on the smart-lock and smart-door market, so why is Lokcom any different? Lokcom enables any lock to become a smart lock without any modification and connects it to the cloud so that you have total control of how you let people into your property – whether it be by using a key, an app, a PC, or other communication methods with a mobile device. Discover the fantastic perks of using Lokcom instead of a competitor’s product.

No need to change the lock with Lokcom

Lokcom is compatible with exterior entry doors, interior doors, garage doors and gates, and other common door areas. It ensures that all the disparate locks for these doors are stored on the same system and eliminates the need for receptions or workstations. Unlike other smart locks and home automation systems, Lokcom operates on a closed network that cannot be interfered with. Lokcom keys or codes won’t get into the wrong hands as the digital keys can’t be passed on to or shared with others. Therefore, there is no need to change the lock. Indeed, Lokcom is compatible with most electric doors and locks, smart locks, or intercoms. It works with house doors, building doors, private garages, and many other venues.

Maximum safety

Our system is always on. The control panel monitors the door 24/7 and alerts you whenever it has been opened. Moreover, the Lokcom system is not reliant on open systems that can be easily interfered with such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC. The browser-based platform is easy to use, can be accessed from any device (PC, tablet or smartphone), and allows you to manage properties all around the world from anywhere in the world. A detailed log of who accessed the property, for how long that property was accessed, and when the property was accessed is always available to you. Our system is always on and notifies or alerts you of unauthorised access.

For holiday rentals companies

Airbnb hosts and property managers can grant and revoke digital keys to the properties for a smooth check-in process for the guests and control access and monitor activities from their PCs, tablets, or cell phones. There is no need to change the mechanical lock; the door can still be opened with a key.

For businesses

Businesspeople can manage properties in one location or all around the globe with our cloud-based platform. They can be in control of when and who opens up their offices, storages, or garage gates. In addition, they can grant or revoke access to each door remotely or unlock a certain door with a phone from anywhere in the world. It is extremely easy to scale businesses as they grow with Lokcom.

Want to know more about Lokcom ?

If you’d like to know more about Lokcom, please visit our website and send us a request to talk to an expert. We’d be happy to contact you and schedule a free demo for you. Don’t forget you can also reach us on social networks: FacebookTwitter and Linkedin.

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