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Is a smart lock a good investment ?

Smart locks have gained a significant number of attractions over the years because it has a mix of security, convenience and technology. Some smart locks can cost an arm and a leg, but some are within a good and reasonable price point. Let’s see some pros of this and show how a smart lock is a good investment.


Despite the fact that smart locks boast higher safety and features, the main reason many people get one is for convenience. Smart Locks are specially designed to make life convenient. Such apps offer advanced features such as voice control, remote access, and scenes, among others. You can even lock your home remotely! This means that you’re not going to have to think about whether you locked your door before you left your home.

Additional Security

Traditional lock keys can be stolen, lost, misplaced or forgotten. Smart locks, on the other hand, do not carry these kinds of issues because they are linked to your network. A further downside to the physical keys is their ability to be duplicated. It’s one of the ways that robbers can enter your house. Having access to your home makes it easier for them to commit a crime. That’s why homeowners are slowly upgrading to smart locks to add another layer of protection to their homes. Some of the best features of a smart lock is the ability to lock automatically after a certain amount of time.

How can Lokcom be useful?

Lokcom allows any lock to become a smart lock without any alteration and links it to the cloud so that you have complete control of how you let people into your property – whether it’s using a key, smartphone, Laptop, or other mobile device communication methods.

The Lokcom system is absolutely flexible and compatible with any V12 electrical lock. You don’t need to replace the current lock, and you might want to keep the key, which is something less to think about. You can also install Lokcom with a security keypad. However, if the door frame is not electrically activated, then one has to be put in. Our proprietary technology does not rely on transparent and observable networks such as Wi-Fi , Bluetooth and NFC. It operates over a closed M2 M network that ensures an increased sense of security and protects users from malicious interference, and finally installing Lokcom is very easy.

Want to know more about Lokcom ?

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