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Why is Lokcom a great tool for your office?

For a long time, traditional locks were associated as a guarantee to the security and privacy of any property. Nowadays, with the pace of life and business changing dramatically, they have several disadvantages that make them more inconvenient to use.  

For example, if we speak about an office working space, that means that you have a moderate to high-level traffic of people. Everybody needs access, so traditional keys are in use and issued to a definite number of people. That enhances the chance for them to be lost, stolen, or duplicated. Consequently, it gives more opportunity for an unwelcome intrusion. 

If there is a need to prevent undesired access to the working place a whole redesign of the lock system should be undertaken, as well as new keys should be issued and spread to the workers. 

The Lokcom system

The smart-lock system created by Lockom gives you centralized overall control over all the locks in the office. You have the opportunity to give different ranges of access for the workers. As well as guests can be escorted to a specific location in the working community.  From any place in the world and any device by your hand, a browser-based Lockom platform provides the opportunity to grant or revoke the access, set the time when the granted digital key is active. 

Smartlock also brings office security to a much higher level. The Lockom system is always on and gives a detailed access history log about the time and duration of every visitor stay any day and any time. The platform alerts when an unauthorized invasion was performed.  The digital key can’t be stolen as the cloud platform operates in a closed 3G member to member network. The digital keys can never be shared with a third party hand or operated via an open network like Wi-fi or Bluetooth. 

The smart-lock makes the working space more hygienic. There is no more need to meet personally to pass over a traditional key or an access card. That enhances the office safety in terms of pandemic reality. 

An easy and fast smart lock installment, no necessity to install any additional equipment to control all the entries makes smart-lock a sound investment. The lockom system is compatible with any electrical lock and grants a centralized control over all of them. To install it you don’t need to break any walls or run any additional cables as a simple plug and play installation allows you to set the lock easily and fast.

Want to know more about Lokcom ?

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